Zagreb, a city with a big heart

Zagreb, city that represents the heart of Croatia, melting pot for people from all Croatian regions, connecting the continental and mediterranean spirit, a place of open communication and respect for diversity, gives a unique cultural experience and tickles all five senses.

It is a safe and welcoming city, with its rich history and centuries of being a scientific, cultural, business and political centre that has drawn citizens from all over Europe and Balkans that have enriched it with their specific customs and delicacies.

Around one million hearts beat in Zagreb, what makes around one quarter of all population of Croatia. You will find that people of Zagreb are as its town, welcoming, hospitable, openly accept all new acquaintances, and easily make new friends that you can share new and unforgettable adventures.


Zagreb welcomes you with open arms

As you will see in other touristic web sites and articles, people in Zagreb see its city like their living room. Zagreb has changed throughout history, and it citizens have grown with him, but there is a constant ribbon of leisure that is woven around its squares and streets, with numerous cafes, restaurants, diners and patisseries, that gives Zagreb an identity of a relaxed and easy going place. They represent the scenery for friendly conversations, mingling, enjoying good coffee, business and love encounters. If you find yourself with some spare time, try to feel its pulse and let yourself dive into the intoxicating air and beauty of the town, as there is a saying that only Zagreb women are more beautiful than Zagreb itself.

Taste, feel and live Zagreb

Zagreb with its broad gastronomic offer brings a combination of local mediterranean and continental cuisine, as well as abundant international menus. We invite you to try out our local restaurants, great food and tasty wines that are produced in different Croatian regions. If you want to get a feel of everyday Zagreb, extend your stay and experience the Dolac market that is located just a few meters form the main Ban Jelačić square, where you can see the ladies in their traditional attires selling young handmade cheese and cream, fresh vegetables, fruits and fish that arrive from all parts of Croatia. The diversity of colours, tastes, sounds and fragrances make it a unique experience.

Not only a gastronomic and business centre, Zagreb gives refuge from all the fuss of everyday life in its beautiful parks, lanes and walking areas. Numerous museums, theatres and concert halls give insight into the artistic spirit of Zagreb, and there is something to ease and excite almost all hearts, young, old and restless.

For the restless ones, there are numerous places in the city centre walking areas that are open late into the night, offering great music, dancing, concerts in cafes, pubs and parties in clubs. What is guaranteed is that you can have a great time here.

Take a part of Zagreb with you

Although you will go back with a suitcase of great adventures, beautiful, friendly people (try not to take people with you), there are some great souvenirs that you can easily take home with you. The aromatic biscuit paprenjak, homemade with honey, walnuts and pepper, traditional for Zagreb, or a licitar heart, red biscuit made from honey dough, decorated with ornaments originating from central Croatia, or maybe a red Šestine umbrella, part of traditional local attire from the ladies at the Dolac market, and so many more, you just have to make your pick, not just one but two, or three since the artisan heart of Zagreb is rich and creative and there are many memorabilia to choose from.

Remember Zagreb

You will get to fall in love with Zagreb, with its beautiful streets, statues, museums, historical places, cafes and people. We hope that that love will last and that you will gladly come back and bring your friends and loveones along to experience all that you enjoyed.


Advent in Zagreb – a great time to visit

We do not want to boast, but…as this is our city, we just have to, since it has been voted last three years for the Best Christmas Market, and it really is a magical place for you to experience all the heartwarming feelings of holidays and the season. During this Christmas period, entire city looks like a scenery of a Christmas fairytale, lightened by thousands lanterns and lights, and there are fragrances of mulled vine, vanilla and cinnamon all around, that excite your taste buds.

The sound of Christmas bells, the scent of gingerbread, mulled wine and various other delicacies…just enjoy all these wonderful things!

During the Advent season, Zagreb offers a variety of events including plenty of fun, excellent food, art exhibitions, concerts, but also a genuine Christmas atmosphere on the city´s streets. Every part of the city tells its own Christmas story…market at Zrinjevac park, ice-park at Tomislav Square, lovely promenade at Strossmartre, jazz at Vranycanzy plateau, free concerts at the main Ban Josip Jelačić Square, European square, Klovićevi dvori Gallery, or Fooling Around at Strossmayer Square. Walking around the city, do not miss to taste some of Croatian specialties- sarma with mashed potatoes, sausages, vanilla half-moons or peppery gingerbread cookies and warm-up yourself with a glass of mulled vine or tea. The whole city awaits you, so do not hide at home, put some warm clothes on and experience a Croatian Christmas fairytale.


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